Welcome to the Hertfordshire Flora Group's Online Recording System

Using this system, you can either send us your one-off plant observations, or you can send us a spreadsheet of records made over a period of time.  By using this, we hope to speed up the process of checking out and making use of your records, and to cut out some of the errors that can creep into the process.

To take part, you will have had to set up your own account on the system first.

In order to set up your account, you will need to contact me to do it for you, because of potential problems with electronic spam. Email to me with your intended password and user name, at my email address: trevorjjamesATbtinternet.com  (Remember to replace AT with the 'at' symbol in the middle of the address.  Also, notice there are two 'jj's' in the middle of my user name).   I will then set your account up for you and let you know it's done.  Please make sure the password has at least one capital letter, at least one numerical character, and at least one other symbol, such as a full stop.  This is to ensure it is accepted by the central CEH computer system that administers the online set-up.

This will then allow you not only to send me your records, but also allow you to see what you have sent in, and to see how they are being dealt with.  You are also asked to upload pictures of what you have seen to assist with checking of records, where needed.  In cases of doubt I may get back to you for more information.

As the system develops, I hope we can add more facilities, like dynamic maps from data submitted by us to the National Biodiversity Network from Hertfordshire.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy using it.

Trevor James.  Hertfordshire Recorder for Higher Plants.